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Maroon Bells, Colorado Photo by the person at the bottom right.

One astounding location

One astounding location

Canada Geese, Tundra Swans, Coots and whatever

On my way back from a trip into Portland, I generally stop at Rooster Rock area to see if the yearly migration of Swans is back.   On this particular day there were about 25 of them in the reeds on the other side of the pond.   As the photos show, I was trying to hide 5’2″ of 160 lbs of moving woman behind a Red Twig Dogwood shrub.  Please note:  twigs are not meant to hide this person and the Canada Geese were the naysayers to my being in the vicinity.  They sent out the cry to fly and everyone followed suit.   The hazy red in the photo are the twigs!ImageImageImageImage

Egret catching breakfast

This was a very icy, cold morning on a trip into Portland, Oregon when I spotted this Egret in a Columbia River slough.  He/she was stealithly lurking in the water just waiting to deliver the fatal blow to some poor unsuspecting fish.   I’m not certain if you can see the fish in these photos but each one has a fish in the photo with the Egret anxiously awaiting delivery.ImageImagetImage

Scenery on the trip into Portland, Oregon

This is Monkey Face Mountain in Bonneville, WA.  The view is awesome when there is snow on it.  Needless to say I couldn’t resist the quick photo. ImageThis one is of Beacon Rock also on the Washington side of the magnificent Columbia River.Image

Columbia Gorge Sunset on a cold afternoon

Couldn’t resist this photo on my way home from The Dalles, OR.Image

Hood River, OR. Starbucks sunrise!

Starbucks Sunrise
What a view!